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Abstract Submission Template

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Uploading your Abstract

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Key Dates

IPPW 2019 Activity Key Date
Abstract Submission Portal Opens 05-Feb-19
Abstract Submission Deadline 08-Mar-19
Author Acceptance Notification 05-Apr-19

Download All IPPW-2018 Abstracts

Click here to view a PDF of all IPPW-2018 abstracts presented at the Workshop.

Download the IPPW-14 (2017) Technical Report

Click here to download the IPPW-14 (2017) scientific and technical report from the workshop in The Hague, Netherlands.

The IPPW Archive

Interested in viewing past IPPW presentations and abstracts? You can see the entire IPPW archive here: https://goto.jpl.nasa.gov/ippw-archive

Public Dissemination Disclaimer

Please note that your abstract submission will be viewed as permission to publish uploaded presentation materials (e.g. abstracts, papers, presentations, movies, etc.) to the general public, either on the workshop website or in perpetuity on the IPPW archive website.