Programme – Day 4

Thursday 11th July July 2019

Start TimeTitleNameAffiliationNotes
Entry, Descent, and Landing Technologies Conveners: Tom West, Rodrigo Haya Ramos, Milad Mahzari, Karl Edquist, and Eric Stern
8.30 am Poster Introductions
8.45 am
Study Of Neuromorphic Application Using Spiking Neural Network For Terrain Relative NavigationKazuki Kariya The Graduate University for Advanced StudiesStudent
8.57 am Crater-based Optical Navigation Technologies for Lunar Precision Landing in SLIM Project.Takayuki Ishida JAXA
9.09 am Map matching during descent for terrain relative navigation on TitanLarry MatthiesJet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
9.21 amScalable Non-Propulsive Dynamic Mass-Shifting Control System For Entry, Descent, And Landing SystemsKayla ParceroSan Jose State UniversityStudent
9.33 am
Onboard Autonomous Trajectory Planner: A guidance routine to assist in enabling pinpoint landing and in-flight trajectory analysisJustin GreenNASA Langley Research Center
9.45 amDesign Of The Pinpoint Landing GNC Of Space RiderRodrigo Haya Ramos SENER Aerospace
9.57 amCoffee Break
10.18 am An Uncoupled Range Control Approach to Fully Numerical Predictor-Corrector Entry GuidanceBreanna JohnsonNASA Johnson Space Center
10.30 amThe SPLICE Project: Safe and Precise Landing Technology Development and TestingJay EstesNASA Johnson Space Center
10.42 am Stability Analysis and Control Design for a Deployable Entry Vehicle with Aerodynamic Control SurfacesWendy OkoloNASA Ames Research Center
10.54 am The Dragonfly Entry And Descent SystemMichael WrightNASA Ames Research Center
11.06 amEuropean Solutions for Heatshields of High Energy Entry ProbesJean-Marc Bouilly ArianeGroup SAS
11.18 amSustaining Phenolic Impregnated Carbon Ablator (PICA) For Future Nasa Missions Including Discovery And New FrontiersDonald EllerbyNASA Ames Research Center
11.30 amADEPT Sounding Rocket One Flight Test OverviewAlan CassellNASA Ames Research Center
11.42 amTechnology Readiness Assessment For HEEET TPSPeter Gage Neerim Corp at NASA Ames Research Center
11.54 amThe Challenges of Seam Design in Tiled Thermal Protection SystemsCole Kazemba NASA Ames Research Center
12.06 pmLunch and Women's Networking LunchThe Women's Networking Lunch will be held in the Beecroft Foyer of the Physics Building
1.34 pm Damage Assessment During a Structural and Thermal Test Campaign of a 1-meter Diameter Heatshield with a 3-D Woven Thermal Protection System for Extreme EnvironmentsSarah LangstonNASA Langley Research Center
1.46 pmLOFTID Aeroshell System OverviewStephen HughesNASA Langley Research Center
1.58 pmLOFTID Aeroshell Engineering Development Unit Structural TestingGreg SwansonNASA Ames Research Center
2.10 pm Retro Propulsion Assisted Landing Technologies (RETALT)Ali GuelhanDLR e.V.
2.22 pmDesigning A Supersonic Retropropulsion Test For The NASA Langley Unitary Plan Wind TunnelKarl Edquist NASA Langley Research Center
2.34 pmExperimental Investigation of Magnetohydrodynamic Energy Generation in Conditions and Configurations Relevant to Planetary EntryHisham AliGeorgia Institute of TechnologyStudent
2.46 pm Design And Qualification Testing Of Two European Parachute Mortars For the ESA Exomars 2020 MissionRudi Matthijssen APP-ArianeGroup
2.58 pmCoffee Break
Solar System Exploration II – Airless Planetary Satellites, Asteroids, and Comets Conveners: Aline Zimmer, Christian Grimm, Michelle Rodio, and Benoit Pigneur
3.22 pm
Poster Introductions
3.34 pm Europa Lander Mission Concept Overview and UpdateSteve SellJet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
3.46 pm A New Mission Concept for Further Exploration of EnceladusStephanie MottersheadUniversity College LondonStudent
3.58 pm Surface Accessibility with Vertical Controlled Landing on 67P / Churyumov-GerasimenkoAlena ProbstBundeswehr University MunichStudent
4.10 pm Juventas - Attempting to Land a CubeSat on Didymoon for the Hera MissionHannah Goldberg GomSpace
4.22 pm Moon Diver: A Discovery Mission Concept For The Exploration Of A Lunar Pit In Mare TranquillitatisRichard KornfeldJet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
4.34 pm HERACLES - Human-Enhanced Robotic Architecture and Capability for Lunar Exploration and ScienceRobert Buchwald Airbus
4.46 pmOverview of NASA's Human Landing System for Lunar ExplorationAlicia Dwyer CiancioloNASA Langley Research Center
4.58 pmTechnology Investments At The Moon To Enable Entry, Descent, And Landing For Humans At MarsAlicia Dwyer CiancioloNASA Langley Research Center
5.10 pmExoMars 2020 - Rosalind Franklin Rover Integration and Test StatusDave PecoverAirbus UKKeynote Speaker
5.40 pmPoster Session Drinks and snacks will be served at the poster session
7.10 pmIOC Dinner - by invitation only
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