IPPW 2019

The 16th International Planetary Probe Workshop was held at Oxford University from 8-12 July 2019. IPPW brings together scientists, engineers, technologists, mission designers, space agency representatives and students from around the world for a collaboration focused on exploring solar system destinations through in-situ missions. IPPW 2019 workshop continued the IPPW tradition of encouraging international co-operation in planetary probe missions, the development of new and emerging technologies, and scientific discoveries. The Workshop on 8-12 July was preceded on 6-7 July by a Short Course, on Ice Giants (Uranus & Neptune). Topics included an overview of current scientific understanding and open questions regarding the ice giants, mission proposals in development, science payloads for ice giant probes, and technologies for entry, descent systems.

  • The IPPW conference and short course was attended by around 240 people from across Europe, America and Asia. Thanks all for your participation!
  • Most presentations from the Workshop and Short Course are now available on the IPPW Archive.
  • Congratulations to the winners of student prizes:
    • Outstanding student oral presentation (1st place): Hisham Ali, Experimental Investigation of Magnetohydrodynamic Energy Generation in Conditions and Configurations Relevant to Planetary Entry
    • Outstanding student poster presentation (1st place): Jasper Thomas, Altitude Control Balloon Testbed for Planetary Atmospheres
    • Outstanding student poster presentation (2nd place): Lucy Kissick, Sample Return from a Relic Ocean World: the Calathus Mission to Occator Crater, Ceres
    • Outstanding student poster presentation (3rd place): Mario Santos, Multi-Fidelity Modeling for Efficient Aerothermal Prediction of HIAD Configurations with Surface Scalloping
IPPW 2019, Oxford UK – group photo, Monday 8 July 2019


Local Organising Committee Chairs:

Colin Wilson, Oxford University colin.wilson@physics.ox.ac.uk

Steve Lingard, Vorticity Ltd steve.lingard@vorticity-systems.com

IPPW International Organizing Committee Chairs:

Bernard Bienstock, JPL Bernard.Bienstock@jpl.nasa.gov

Ashley Korzun, NASA Langley Research Center ashley.m.korzun@nasa.gov

Robert Buchwald, Airbus Defence and Space robert.r.buchwald@airbus.com

Programme Organising Committee:

Soumyo Dutta soumyo.dutta@nasa.gov

Joern Helbert  Joern.Helbert@dlr.de

Todd White todd.r.white@nasa.gov

IPPW 2019 Poster


IPPW 2019