Programme – Day 5

Friday 12th July July 2019

Start TimeSession TitleNameAffliliationNotes
Modeling, Simulation, Testing, and Validation Conveners: Clara O’Farrell, Michael Wright, Julia Kowalski, Al Witkowski, and Aaron Stehura
8.30 amFurther Aerodynamic Characterization Of The ESA Huygens Probe And Its Appendages: A Combined Testing And Modeling ApproachSimon Couche Polytech Orleans - University of OrleansStudent
8.42 am
Dragonfly: Modeling, Testing, and Validation for Atmospheric Flight on TitanDouglas AdamsJohns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
8.54 am Integrated Modeling And Simulation Of Autonomous Parafoil Descent On TitanLarry MatthiesJet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
9.06 amStatic And Dynamic Testing Of Blunt Bodies In A Subsonic Magnetic Suspension Wind TunnelMark SchoenenbergerNASA Langley Research Center
9.18 am Recent Developments in Free-Flight CFDJoseph BrockAMA Inc. at NASA Ames Research Center
9.30 am
Plume-Surface Interaction (PSI): A New (Old) Challenge for Descent and LandingMichelle MunkNASA-STMD
9.42 amApplication of Petascale Computing to Simulation of Powered Descent in Atmospheric EnvironmentsAshley KorzunNASA Langley Research Center
9.54 amCoffee Break
10.18 amReconstructed Disk-Gap-Band Parachute Performance During the Third ASPIRE Supersonic Flight TestChristopher TannerJet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
10.30 am ADEPT SR-1 Flight Test Performance SummarySoumyo Dutta NASA Langley Research Center
10.42 am Aeroheating Tests Of Hayabusa Sample Return Capsule In Shock Tunnel And Expansion TubeHide Tanno JAXA Kakuda
10.54 am Challenges In Qualification Of Thermal Protection Systems In Extreme Entry EnvironmentsMilad Mahzari NASA Ames Research Center
11.06 am Progress Towards Modeling The Mars Science Laboratory Pica-Nusil HeatshieldBrody Bessire NASA Ames Research Center
11.18 am Preliminary Results from Shock-layer Radiation Experiments in the T6 Aluminium Shock TubePeter Collen University of OxfordStudent
11.30 am Current Status of Shock Layer Radiation Studies for Planetary ProbesBrett CrudenAMA Inc. at NASA Ames Research Center
11.42 amMars 2020 EDL System Test Design and ProgressMallory LeflandJet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
11.54 amValidation Of The Mars 2020 Dsends Simulation Of Entry, Descent, And Landing Using Msl Reconstruction DataClara O'FarrellJet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
12.06 pmLunch
Closing SessionConveners: Pat Beauchamp and Jean-Pierre Lebraton
1.30 pmSOC Awards Ceremony
1.42 pmDecadal SurveyBernie Bienstock, Jim Cutts, Pat BeauchampJet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
1.57 pm
White Papers For The Next Decadal Survey: Thermal Protection Systems And InstrumentationHelen HwangNASA Ames Research Center
2.07 pmInSight OverviewTom HoffmanJet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of TechnologyKeynote Speaker
2.37 pmSilicon Seismometers, from Mars to Europa and BeyondTom Pike Imperial College LondonKeynote Speaker
3.10 pmIPPW-2020Aga Goodsell & David Cornelius
3.25 pm IOC Closing remarksBernie BienstockJet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology


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